2020 Election

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FVLC Ballot Measure Positions

Many of the measures on 2020’s ballot would impact the lives of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors in Alameda County.  Below we provide information about that impact and links to more information.

For general information about how to register and vote in Alameda County, visit https://www.acvote.org.

Statewide Measures

YES on 15 – Survivors need access to more supportive services, and the public schools they send their children to need additional resources.  Proposition 15 would raise the tax dollars needed to pay for these services and resources.  For more information, visit https://www.yes15.org.

YES on 16 – For so many survivors of violence at the intersections of minority status, low-income, undocumented, and/or queer, Proposition 16 creates a needed bridge between those who have been barred baseline access on the basis of these traits and employment and educational opportunities that would allow them to achieve financial stability and independence.  For more information, visit https://voteyesonprop16.org.

YES on 17 – It is no secret that our criminal justice system disproportionately disenfranchises communities of color. Proposition 17 would mean that survivors who are people of color and who were convicted of felonies would not be permanently disenfranchised and would be able to exercise their political voice. This is particularly important for survivors charged and convicted of crimes committed in the context of the abusive relationship.  Proposition 17 partially dismantles an overly punitive and racially-skewed justice system and re-enfranchises survivors and their families.  For more information, visit https://yeson17.vote.

NO on 20 – Our colleagues at Ruby’s Place have beautifully articulated the reasons to vote against Proposition 20.  Survivors will not benefit from increased punishment schemes under our current criminal justice system.  Dollars proposed to be spent under Proposition 20 should be allocated to supportive safety net solutions and violence prevention efforts.  You also can find more information at https://noprop20.vote.

Local Measures

YES on II (Berkeley) – An effective, independent police accountability board will improve police response to survivors in Berkeley.

YES on MM (Berkeley) – Survivors and women generally have been disproportionately impacted by the economic consequences of the COVID pandemic.  Measure MM would protect Berkeley survivors who are tenants from being evicted for nonpayment of rent during state and local emergencies.

YES on W (Alameda County) – Survivors need access to more supportive services, including support to prevent them from becoming homeless.  Measure W would raise the tax dollars needed to pay for these services.  For more information, visit www.hometogether2020.org.

YES on Z (City of Alameda) – More multi-family housing creates more affordable housing for survivors.  For more information, visit https://www.yesonmeasurez.com.