Internet Safety Resources

Private Browsing

How to Hide Your Tracks with Private Browsing
A good overview on what private browsing does and what it does not do.

Anonymous Browsing –
While anonymous browsing is generally considered to be used more for external threats, in this article it is used to describe private browsing in more detail with many helpful links.

Private Browsing – A Study (pdf)
This study by Stanford University has good information and tables comparing the features and limitations of the various browsers’ private browsing options.

Keyloggers and Spyware

Keylogger Product Features and Comparison
A comparison site for those seeking keylogging software, which shows an inclusive list of features. While the products compared are mainly for the PC platform, the list of what keylogging software can do applies to both platforms.

How to Protect Your Mac from Keyloggers
This article has good general information about protecting from and detecting keyloggers, as well as Mac-specific information.