We believe that educating the next generation about healthy relationships helps end domestic violence.

Family Violence Law Center offers the following programs to children and teenagers in Alameda County.

Relationship Abuse Prevention (RAP) Program

The RAP program educates, engages, and empowers teens to build healthy relationships.

Teenagers in Oakland who participate in the RAP program will:

  • Learn how to recognize warning signs of an abusive relationship
  • Explore the interrelated nature of violence in the home, in schools, and in society
  • Discuss power imbalances that occur based on race, class, gender, and sexuality
  • Learn how to treat one another in relationships and resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner
  • Create community environments that encourage and support healthy relationships

If you (or your school) would like to participate in the RAP program contact 1-800-947-8301.

Therapy for Children Ages 5 and Under

This program offers free parent/child psychotherapy to help children ages 5 and under who have been exposed to or are victims of domestic violence in Alameda County.

FVLC’s therapy program supports recovery and guides both parent and child in establishing supportive bonds with one another. This intensive therapeutic support helps put both the parent and child on track for a healthy future.

If you and your child would like to seek therapy with FVLC contact 1-800-947-8301.